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Archived and unsupported content. YATC is not in development since 2010. This site has been migrated from Google Sites in November 2016.
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YATC - Yet Another Tibia Client is a free software client for playing on OpenTibia MMORPG servers. It is released under GNU General Public License and developed as a part of the OpenTibia project. It is compatible with the protocol of the proprietary game Tibia and currently requires data files from one of its versions to be played.

YATC IS NOT ACTIVELY DEVELOPED AND IS UNSUPPORTED. Site is left here for archival purposes.

February 16nd 2010: We have just posted 0.3.2.
July 9th 2010: 0.3.2 has been rereleased for Macs, fixing missing frameworks problem.

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Source code

Connecting to proprietary servers
The development team does not officially support nor endorse connections to the proprietary servers hosted by Cipsoft GmbH.

For people who compile from source code.

Here's a nightly build of GLICT DevPak as well as a GLICT binary for Debian which probably works on other distros, too. It's not a .deb package.

This nightly build service is in alpha and there's no warranty it will keep working.

If you need GLICT's source code, get it with:
svn checkout https://glict.svn.sf.net/svnroot/glict/trunk/glict/ glict

  • Connect to 8.0-8.54 servers and show MOTD
  • Pick characters, enter gameworld
  • Duplication of Tibia's main menu UI (as much as possible)
  • Reads PIC and SPR files
  • Skins
  • Item rendering
  • Creature rendering
  • Moving
  • Connection to proprietary servers
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Inventory
  • Containers
  • Outfit dialog
  • Shop dialog
  • Automap
  • Trade dialog
  • Elementary VIP list
DEVELOPERS (all inactive)
Ivan Vučica - ivucica
Nate Fries - nfries88
Alexandre Severino - Kilouco

You will be added to this list if you submit small amounts of code. If you submit large modifications (over some time) you'll be added to developers list.
Mariusz Gliwinski - shd
Magnus KL - Smygflik
Alexandru Pitis - Ormin

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