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Archived and unsupported content. YATC is not in development since 2010. This site has been migrated from Google Sites in November 2016.
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Thank you for your interest in YATC - Yet Another Tibia Client, an alternative client for online MMORPG Tibia! 

Please navigate this site using menu on left <== for more information.
Otherwise, download the client using this page. Scroll down for the downloads.

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What to download?

The latest release is 0.3.2.
Supported clients:  8.0, 8.1, 8.11, 8.2, 8.21, 8.22, 8.3, 8.31, 8.4, 8.41, 8.42, 8.5, 8.53, and 8.54.

Links are on the bottom of this page! Please scroll down or click on your OS!


Are you a Windows user?

Download "yatc-0.3.2.zip". Extract it somewhere with your favorite archiver.

You also need to copy Tibia.spr, Tibia.pic and Tibia.dat into the same folder where you can find yatc.exe! Get the 8.54 data files from original Tibia.


Are you a Macintosh user?

Download our experimental release "YATC 0.3.2 Mac.dmg". It was built with 10.4 SDK so it should work on Tiger. Previous releases were reported not to work on non-Intel, PPC Mac.

We have included the 8.54 data files here for user's convenience. Hopefully copyright holders will not object. We will remove these files in future releases.


Are you a Debian GNU/Linux user?

Why bother with downloads when we have a Debian repository?

But if you insist:
  • Download "yatc_0.3.2-1_i386.deb" in some folder.
  • Download "tibia-data_8.42-2_all.deb" in that same folder. (We did not build 8.54 data files for Debian.)
  • Go to that folder with terminal and type:
    su -c "dpkg -i yatc_*.deb tibia-data_*.deb"

    then when asked type in your root password.
BETA! Try our nightly builds. (Not functioning a lot of time, though.)


Interested in latest source code?

It's a part of OpenTibia project (in a a subfolder called YATC) so you maybe have already downloaded it if you're downloading the entire OT repository. Just look for a folder named "yatc". This is the repository path:
and you can download it using, for example, TortoiseSVN.

For compiling and installation instructions when using source code:


You can find all our archived releases here.

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