YATC - Yet Another Tibia Client

Use on CipSoft Tibia servers

Archived and unsupported content. YATC is not in development since 2010. This site has been migrated from Google Sites in November 2016.
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We'd like to remind all users that while we do have the feature to switch to CipSoft's Tibia RSA key, we discourage use on their servers.

First, we'd like to remind all users about the Tibia Rules section 3c. Previously, it could be found as section 3d.

Second, interesting reading regarding this section is three-year old discussion (when we were all still "children") about Cipsoft's policy regarding third party clients. Not much, and very childish, but it contains a statement from a CipSoft official.

Third, in last few releases there have been several technical measures implemented lately into the protocol, which raise doubts about safety of use of ANY third party software. Stuff such as checksums or the newly implemented garbage bytes may have hidden footprints which allow CipSoft to detect if they were generated using their client or third party software. During 2009, automatic bans have occured for use of YATC.

We will continue to officially discourage players from using CipSoft's servers, and disclaim all responsibility when you are doing so. While YATC is not and will never be a cheat tool, nor does it modify the original software, it could theoretically be identified as such.

We can be reasonably sure that you will not be identified or banned when using YATC while playing on an OpenTibia Server. This of course depends on modifications the administrators make to OTS in order to identify third party software. Currently we're matching the behavior OTS expect. We cannot be sure we match CipSoft's expected behavior.

Thank you for your time!


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