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We have received numerous inquiries about customization of Tibia and YATC. Therefore, here is some material often posted in answers.

1. How can I modify Tibia?

Please do not ask us this. We do not provide support for customization of Cipsoft's Tibia. Distribution of customized Tibia is also possibly illegal. One way or another, we have no idea whether or not you are allowed to redistribute modified executable or modified data, therefore we do not want to involve ourselves in this.
We also don't (officially) know how you can modify various strings. They are stored in the executable. 

We will not be answering inquiries about anything related to customizing Ciposoft's Tibia! We are, however, interested in creating various data files (.dat, .spr and .pic) from scratch.

Summary: We don't do it. Bug someone else.

2. Can I modify YATC?

Most certainly! YATC is free software (sometimes known as open source). At the time of writing, YATC is distributed under well-known GNU General Public License, version 2. You are free to read, study and modify the source code, and use the client in any way you want. 

Summary: Yes.

3. How can I distribute YATC?

 When distributing binaries resulting from modified source code, please do not forget that according to GNU General Public License, v2, you must either include your modified source code, or you must include a written offer valid for 3 years to ship the source code to whoever asks for it.  This is so that your users may enjoy same freedoms as you do.

You must also distribute your code under GNU GPLv2, again so that your users may enjoy the same freedoms. Any code statically linked to YATC must be re-licensed under GPLv2. You can dynamically link your closed source modifications, if you wish to do so; but remember, whatever changes you made to main executable (usually yatc.exe) which you distribute, need to be opened. This should be enough for your security-through-obscurity hack protection.

If you're even considering hijacking YATC and claiming your modifications are more important than hundreds, or even thousands, of man-hours that nfries88, mips and others have invested in this piece of work, please think twice. We will examine each reported case of GPL violation and report it to activists who actively protect the integrity of free software community.

We recommend you take a look if you could contribute the modifications back to us. If you modified more than you think we would accept, consider cutting out the patches that fall within scope of YATC, and send them back to us. Thanks in advance!

Summary: Don't be a thief, steal our code, and claim your modifications are more significant than ours.

4. I have a custom server, can you implement XYZ?

Unless it's implemented in Cipsoft's Tibia, no, we cannot.

Among other things, the stated goal of OpenTibia project is that it wants to be a, quote, "Free Open Source replacement for Tibia, a graphical multiplayer RPG (MUD)". As a part of OpenTibia project, we interpret this as "OpenTibia is to be a replica of Tibia", and adopt that as a goal for YATC.

Anything that is not in OpenTibia -- it's not done!

Please remember that we're also not paid; even if it's in Tibia, we don't do this as full-time job. We're not interested in your schedule for improvements; unless you contribute them, we'll do them on our own schedule. Thanks for understanding!

Summary: Typically, not on your personal demand.

5. How do I compile OTserv?!?!?!!1111oneone cos(0)

We don't do servers. Post this on OtFans, OtLand or other community. (Disclaimer: No endorsements.)

Summary: We don't do servers.

6. Please please please can you do XYZ for me?!

Typically, no, unless it's "implementing a hyper-cool patch, appropriately integrated, which was submitted to you cool core developers"!

Summary: No.

Post the comments on our forums.

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